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Welcome to the online home of Xtreme So Cal, the gnarliest sports promotion in the known Universe. We offer an incredible LIMITED package that promotes some of the coolest activities in So Cal with V.I.P. XTREME service. If you have one of our highly limited X-Code's, then congratulations! You've been selected by our Xtreme team members to receive this limited offer ,and are entitled to all of the complimentary lessons on our site. Visit each link above to find a local instructor nearest you, book your lesson and conquer it all. Come back frequently for Xtreme updates and added extras as we add new activities all the time. Your X-Code entitles you to everything on this site. Nothing expires until you use or conquer it, so please do it all! 

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 X-Code members get one free lesson in every sport listed on this site. Conquer 15  &  you'll be featured on the site as a conquered X-Code member, as well as receive a full refund for the cost of this promotion. The lessons are FREE. You only cover gear and rental fees on a handful of sports listed on this site. Have fun we hope to see you on our conquered members page.

Warm Up : Get started with a free consultation with a nutritional coach , enjoy yoga, multiple dance lessons, kickboxing & martial arts, then skateboarding. Click on the Warm Up link above to see participating instructors and book your FREE lessons.

Get Wet : Learn to surf, go scuba diving, then try a SUP lesson. Click on the Get Wet Link above to locate participating instructors in the Get Wet.

Get Dirty: Check out a Dirt Bike or street bike lesson, go air-softing, paintball, then try horseback riding .You decide on what you want to do first, we hope you do it all !Click on the Get Dirty link above to locate participating instructors in the Get Dirty.

Cool Down: Hit the MT. Baldy slopes with your free all day anytime no black out days free lift ticket . You pick snowboarding or skiing. Click on the Cool Down link above to  to get your free lift ticket. Don't miss out on the awesome  extras in our Cool Down section of this promotion.

Xtreme High: When you're really ready to get xtreme, try sky diving, and racing with R.A.D. racing at Willow Springs Raceway! Click on the Xtreme High link above to locate participating instructors, Drop zones and locations for extras.

Don't forget to tell all your friends about the awesome locations and instructors you meet.Get Xtreme , stay fit , find a life style to follow & make it a habit.
To thank you for just stopping by we ask you to go to the following link to redeem a free   Eat Right,Live Well,Play Hard!
Radfish Stand Up Paddle Boards Malibu
We are getting such an awesome response from X-Code members who've gone to Radfish. Call Tony at (310) 433-1767 of Radfish SUP and book a lesson today.When you get your sea legs and are ready to buy a board, kite equipment or just need some board repair,Tony's your man, and has everything you need to enhance your fun while staying safe in the sun.

KIJUBI cards are here. Activate yours by emailing us at In the subject line of your email just say, "I want my KIJUBI card." You'll take advantage of activities in 14 states. Learn more about KIJUBI by going to   or just watch the commercial by clicking the link above.
Look for the extras you get with your X-Code membership on the pages of Xtreme So Cal..
When you see the            logo on our pages take advantage of the listing tagged.Extras are added daily and are sometimes temporary. This is XSC's  continued effort to make our X-Code members happy with new activities they didn't count on getting when buying this promotion. It's an extra, all extras do count towards the conquered membership program.We look forward to your comments so give us your feedback on the extra stuff you do and try. 

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